This is a list of the associations linked to certification for chefs and food service professionals.

American Culinary Federation


Certified Fundamentals Cook® (CFC®)

Certified Culinarian® (CC®)

Certified Sous Chef® (CSC®)

Certified Chef de Cuisine® (CCC®)

Certified Executive Chef® (CEC®)

Certified Master Chef®

Personal Certified Chef ™ (PCC™)

Personal Certified Executive Chef™ (PCEC™)

Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook™ (CFPC™)

Certified Pastry Culinarian® (CPC®)

Certified Working Pastry Chef® (CWPC®)

Certified Executive Pastry Chef® (CEPC®)

Certified Master Pastry Chef® (CMPC®)

Certified Culinary Administrator® (CCA®)

Certified Secondary Culinary Educator® (CSCE®)

Certified Culinary Educator® (CCE®)

Institute of Food Technologists

Certified Food Scientist (CFS)